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Family comes first. So when life presents us with challenges that put our families at risk, many of us would move heaven and earth to protect them. Blood is thick and binding. Family is the most important part of many of our lives.

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Family matters & domestic relations


Child Support & Custody

A divorce affects the entire family, but it usually hits young children hardest. When a divorce occurs in a family with young children, at ages commonly characterized by pushing parental boundaries and exploring the world, a divorce can turn their entire world upside down and inside out.

"The family is the first essential cell of human society."

Pope John XXIII

Help them Grow

Child & Juvenile Safety

The balance is delicate here. Exposing our kids to the world while at the same time trying to protect them from it. Usually we give them room to make safe mistakes so they can learn and grow. But not all mistakes are safe. Not every risk should be taken.

Without the wisdom that comes with age and experience, kids can get in over their heads. It’s during these periods that parents need to draw lines and enforce boundaries.

Sometimes with a little extra help. We know how important your children are to you. Let us help you keep them safe.


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